About Us

Our Story

When we opened our firm’s doors for the first time on September 15, 2008, the stock market had crashed and real estate markets were uncertain, so we knew that to survive we had to be more than a typical boutique commercial real estate and construction law firm. Little did we know that our efforts then would not only result in our success as a firm throughout the financial recovery and beyond, but would create far more than a typical law firm of transactional attorneys - - it created a trusted legal advisory group working collaboratively with our clients to achieve sustained comprehensive objectives and success.

Our Role

For the most part, our practice does not consist of discrete transactions or matters for a large number of clients, but instead is composed of many interrelated and inter-connected legal concerns on behalf of a core group of valued clients with whom we have highly integrated relationships. The Williams Legal Advisory Group invests time and resources into achieving our clients’ near-term outcomes as a means of aiding our clients in realizing their ongoing largescale objectives. Our vision allows us to see both how each puzzle piece fits into the next, as well as understand how the multitude of pieces ultimately create a single big picture. With this vision - - to be more than just transactional lawyers - - as our driving motivation, our firm has grown and evolved and we have carved out a niche as a specialized firm that balances detail-oriented legal services in distinct matters with advancing our clients’ wide-ranging ambitions through legally sound strategic advice that moves entire organizations and their aspirations forward.

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