Diversity & Sustainability

As a firm, we have strategically elected to locate our offices in small towns, but only minutes from New York City and Albany, New York, because we understand that being successful within the increasingly global world can be achieved without high-rent, high rise office buildings, many of which contribute detrimentally to the environment. We instead embrace that our firm and our business model is different than what many have come to expect of law firms. We not only value, but promote, that differentness. Indeed, individually and collectively the firm's attorneys are deeply committed to diversity, which is memorialized in the firm's Diversity and Equality Statement that sets the diversity standards and objectives that are founding principles of the firm. To that end, our firm has been certified since 2010 as a women-owned business enterprise by the State of New Jersey, Department of the Treasury, Division of Minority and Women's Business Development and the New York State Department of Economic Development.

At its core, the Williams Legal Advisory Group, LLC is an association of skilled and dedicated lawyers from diverse personal backgrounds and professional experiences. Prior to joining the firm, our attorneys have attended state, private, and historically black colleges and universities, have clerked for state and federal judges at the trial and appellate level, have practiced at global law firms, national law firms, and regional law firms, have acted as in-house counsel at a publicly-traded, self-administered and self-managed REIT and at a specialized construction company, have worked tirelessly at a New Jersey statewide legal agency and at a non-profit civic engagement organization, and have engaged in small firm private practice. Through that diversity of experience, we are able to uniquely understand each aspect of our clients' needs and provide customized legal representation to meet those needs. Indeed, our clients benefit from a diversity and creativity of thinking that often is absent in institutional law firms.

Beyond diversity, a further founding principle of our firm is sustainability and environmental responsibility. Every decision we have made from the inception of our firm through our ongoing representation of clients, from choices about our internal structure and procedures, to the advice we give clients regarding matters touching on construction and operational legal concerns, has been and will continue to be made with a view toward sustainability and resilience.

We recognize that every law firm is a business and that we operate within a marketplace, so we also are diverse and sustainable in our economics, ideas, and strategies within our industry. We focus on innovation and we implement and utilize technology seamlessly, responsibly, and cost effectively. As a result, our legal services are fundamentally efficient, which enables us to offer highly competitive rates for top-notch legal counsel that meets the needs and consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients. Based on these principles, which all have been put into action by the firm, when clients engage the Williams Legal Advisory Group they are able to convey to their shareholders, investors, and constituents that, in the face of a vast number of potential law firms and lawyers, they have chosen a law firm that does not simply speak of diversity, sustainability, and efficiency, but actually practices those principles on a daily basis in a transparent and verifiable manner.

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